Life Coach Kome Nelson Agose of Hyde Park Center for Healing is sitting in a chair.

Kome Nelson Agose

Life Coach


My name is Kome Nelson Agose, I’m a corporate training consultant, a certified life coach, a writer and a content creator. My journey of self-discovery through spirituality and my passion for sharing my findings through content and events have led others to call me both a teacher and a healer. I was born and raised in an African catholic home and have always shown a deep passion and interest in spirituality, learning about the supreme creator and in having a deeper understanding of the meaning of life. I was never satisfied with the basic knowledge received from family, the priests and other leaders of religious faith about God, life and its purpose and was always curious to know and experience more truth in heart.

This desire sparked a series of life changing spiritual awakenings between 2008 and 2019 that led me into a deeper relationship with the supreme creator. Through this connection I have continued to show exponential growth in wisdom, knowledge and my ability to simplify the teachings of the supreme creator and key principles of life in ways that are relatable to every and anybody. I am extremely passionate about demystifying what we refer to as spirituality by showing how these concepts are reflected by our everyday thinking and behavioral patterns. I believe making this connection would allow people to have better control of their lives and would give them the tools to live healthier and more positive experiences. I am passionate about helping humanity unlock their full potential through unlocking the power of their own minds.

As a corporate trainer I have trained thousands of staff on mindfulness and sales psychology. I am an energetic soul that loves to share knowledge and connect with people.

I recently released my first book titled “21 Affirmations: Igniting a positive mental reset” which is available globally on Amazon. The book is an easy guide to mindfulness and self-awareness using affirmations and simplified laws of spirituality. It is very easy to read and adopt into your personal life. I can’t wait to get to know you and teach you these skills and the knowledge that I have acquired to assist you with both defining and actualizing the person you want to be!

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