Depression Therapy

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Our therapists provide counseling for depression.

Our clinicians offer counseling for depression in a safe space where you can explore your psychological world. At Hyde Park Center for Healing, we are deeply committed to providing high-quality treatment that is consistent with current research. We are passionate about serving our clients using thorough depression treatment and diagnosis, empathic understanding and client-centered care.

If you are experiencing difficulties with anger, anxiety, trauma or depression in Chicago, Hyde Park Center for Healing can help. Do not just wait for things to get better. Seek out depression therapy in Chicago by contacting us today. We are pleased to offer online therapy.

It's important to seek treatment for depression when there are signs.

Everyone feels low from time to time, so it’s not always easy to know when it is part-and-parcel of daily life, and when it’s time to seek help. In most cases, it is short-term and self-correcting, but in some instances, this is not the case. For those individuals, it’s important to seek treatment just as you would any other health condition. Here are 3 warning signs which, together, might indicate that it’s time to seek professional help.

Not feeling like yourself for long periods of time.

You’ve been feeling low or irritable for most of the day, every day for two weeks or more. You might have found yourself worrying about past or future events for long periods of time, or simply feeling sad, cross or tearful. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize a gradual change – have others noticed that you don’t seem your usual self?

Loss of interest in the things you enjoy.

You’ve lost interest in activities that you used to enjoy. Perhaps you have been seeing less of your friends or family recently, have stopped going to the gym, or cooking balanced meals. This is really about recognizing changes in what’s normal for you – no one is saying you have to exercise five times a week or eat your greens, but changes in your routine can offer concrete indications that your mood is changing.

Struggling to concentrate.

You are struggling to concentrate. You might notice that you struggle to focus when reading or watching television, for example, or to follow the thread of a spoken conversation. This could be affecting your performance at work, or limiting your ability to perform routine tasks such as food shopping. Again, we are looking for a change in what’s normal for you, so if concentration has always been something you find tricky there is little cause for concern.