Licensed Clinical Social Worker Domonicque Tatum standing at Hyde Park Center for Healing.

Domonicque Tatum, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


  • 13 Years

Core Skills

  • PTSD
  • Military Veterans and Family Reintegration


  • Licensed Clinical Social Work
  • Board Certified Diplomate of Social Work
  • Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor


I have spent a lifetime learning about structural and individual approaches to uplift people of all races, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status; I have a masters degree from Harvard University in Environmental/ Organizational Sustainability, another masters degree from the University of Chicago in Social Work and a bachelor’s degree from George Mason University in Psychological Functions of Social Work. A world class education means nothing without a genuine interest in serving and giving back.

I am also a military veteran and it has been a privilege teaching others how to overcome PTSD, something that once was crippling for me. While I learned tools to help me get better, I decided it was not enough and it became my life mission to learn the best strategies to help others thrive and eliminate the symptoms that ail them. Such as cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. My dedication to you and your treatment is my true strength. Let’s figure it out together.

Contact Information

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